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The wireless LAN print server PS54a-G uses the high-speed ”g“ standard and is compatible with all 802.11g compliant products, and backwards compatible with any existing 802.11b infrastructure. It features one parallel and one USB 2.0 HS port to wirelessly connect output devices. The USB port may be extended with a USB hub to support a total of up to fi ve printers simultaneously. Optimum eavesdropping security is guaranteed by several complementary security mechanisms: In addition to the standard encryption WEP and the lastest standards WPA / WPA2 the PS54a-G supports print data encryption via TLS and SSL, plus several authentication mechanisms (IEEE 802.1x).


  • For all USB and parallel printers and MFPs
  • With UTN for non-network-enabled printers and MFPs
  • Support of multiple protocols for all common operating systems
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Up-to-date high security features
  • 3 years manufacturer’s guarantee

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