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The industrial solution for serial devices!

The SU-302 serial to USB converter embeds almost every serial devices via USB into the most diverse industrial environments.

The SU-302 is mounted on a top-hat rail in a control cabinet. Then the serial devices must be connected and the USB connection to a PC or industrial PC established. The USB connection plays a double role in this, it transfers data and supplies power. All that is then left to do, is to install the driver for the SU-302 on the client and to set up the serial devices on it.

If you combine the SU-302 with a USB Deviceserver INU-100, you can even use the serial devices via TCP/IP network. For the USB Deviceserver INU-100 embeds USB devices such as the SU-302 into Ethernet networks. The serial devices can then be used flexibly and independent of location in modern environments!

Long-term availability is of utmost importance in industrial environments. Therefore the SU-302 is physically robust and immune to interference. On the digital level, we guarantee the driver availability!

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